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 Now you relax, we’ll make your money work harder for your family

Bachat Guru is a Chandigarh based financial planning firm. Bachat Guru was founded in 2011.

Bachat Guru offers expert personalised advice, predominantly to business owners, executives, professionals and retirees. Among our elite clients we have some very satisfied Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Doctors and Corporate CEOs.

Bachat Guru Director and Founder, Tejinder Singh Mokha, is passionate about legally minimising clients’ tax and maximising their wealth. “We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date advice, and assisting our clients to achieve their financial goals and plan for a comfortable retirement. Our practical commercial approach to each matter means we are able to tailor our services to suit each client’s individual requirements.

Our Philosophy

At Bachat Guru, the secret of our success is that, we offer same products to our customers which we use for ourselves and which we offer to our close relatives. A low client to advisor ratio allows for personal and customized service for each individual. Our goal is to work as a team for each client to provide not only portfolio management but wealth coordination and financial planning. We make every effort to have frequent communication with our clients and to provide timely response to calls and emails.

Our services:

We provide tailored, comprehensive advisory services for:

Child Education and Marriage Planning Retirement Planning
Financial Planning Estate Planning/ Succession Planning
Income Protection Annuity
Investment Strategies/Portfolio Management Tax Planning

What sets us apart from our competitors – 6 good reasons to join us

  1. We take the worry out of managing your finances: Financial planning is complicated – busy executives, business owners and professionals don’t have the time to keep up to date with changing tax rules and legislation.  Bachat Guru will do all the hard work and manage your finances for you, freeing you up to spend your spare time doing the things that you enjoy.
  2. We are independently owned: We are not controlled by any financial institutions such as a fund manager, bank, insurance company or trade/credit union.  No institution has a vested interest in our business and therefore they are not in a position to influence our advice.
  3. Lower fees: Our fees are lower than bigger financial planning firms as we don’t incur significant overheads associated with running a large company.  Our priority is our clients – we are committed to providing cost-effective advice to legally minimise our clients’ tax whilst maximising their wealth.
  4. We build long term relationships: We focus heavily on building long term relationships with our clients so that we can consistently provide quality ongoing advice and constantly review our clients’ planning strategies and portfolios.
  5. Fund selection and tax structures: Many financial planners help with the selection of investment products but lack taxation knowledge .  Not only can Bachat Guru help you with the selection process, but we can also help you structure your investments in the most tax effective way.
  6.  We consistently outperform industry benchmarks: Bachat Guru prides itself on selecting funds and shares that have outperformed industry benchmarks.  We operate from a comprehensive recommended list.  We avoid poorly performing funds – no clients of Bachat Guru have been recommended funds which have subsequently been frozen or shut down.  Security of capital is our principal objective.

About Tejinder Singh Mokha, (Founder and Director)

Tejinder has over 18 years experience in the Banking and financial sector at senior managerial level. Our clients receive the benefit of Tejinder’s practical understanding of issues faced when managing their finances.  Tejinder regularly interfaces with the business community/ corporate professionals through holding seminars on topics such as taxation, financial planning and portfolio management.Read more about Tejinder in Meet our Experts section.

  1. To view Tejinder’s full bio, click here. images

It has been a great experience so far with Bachat Guru in terms of managing my finances. They have made me aware related to many things wrt financial management, which even encouraged me to invest in Mutual Funds. During one of the Financial Planning session with Bachat Guru (more…)

Captain Arvind, Army

I understood the actual meaning of savings when I got in touch with Bachat Guru. Earlier I used to spend all my earnings with NIL savings. First of all I clarified all my doubts about Mutual Funds, SIP. I used to think these instruments are for (more…)

Mr. Gaganpal Singh, Chemical Engineer, MNC, Delhi

(I have been in touch with Mr. Tejinder Singh Mokha from M/s Bachat Guru and have invested as per his advice, till now touchwood results have been good. In these times because of busy schedule I think everybody needs a financial adviser and this (more…)

Mr. Damanpreet Singh, Civil Engineer, Panchkula

Bachat Guru is one stop shop for all financial consultation. I have found the knowledge level of team is excellent and willingness to share the hidden clauses. I feel that with all market conditions,Bachat Guru keeps our money floating & soaring high with excellent returns. (more…)

Mr. Rohit Arora, Textile Engineer, Barnala

I have realized one thing that I can’t do everything and should concentrate on things which are my forte. You have given me enough knowledge not only about savings but also how to earn profits on those savings, which I was not doing in right manner. You made me learn (more…)

Mr. Harpreet Singh, CA, Delhi