Bachat Guru’s learnings from the Cricket World Cup, 2015


1. South Africa were playing very well this time. They were sure to pick world cup, with Captain A B De villiers being in a very explosive form. But at end Duckworth Lewis played the spoil sport, they again lost due to rain. We also need to check, are we prepared for the rainy season. Rainy Season means what is our plan in case of any contingency or mishappening. I save for 5 years and accumulate 5 lac of saving, one fine day I meet an accident/ suffer heart attack my 5 lac is over. My savings of 5 years are gone and I am back by 5 years in life. We should have adequate health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, home insurance, office insurance.
2. New Zealand looked very strong from outside, most explosive batsman, fastest bowlers, but their batting failed on the D-day. They were too much reliant on good start by Mc Cullum. They surrendered without competition in finals. They were not well diversified. We should diversify our portfolio with debt, equity, property, liquid, gold etc.
3. England could not reach the quarter finals. Reason weak captain. Weak captain means who is not able to take right decisions required for the team. In our case, our family is Team, who is the captain? If there is a weak captain who runs away from decisions, team will suffer. Father is normally considered captain of Indian families. Some people are afraid to take knowledge and bold decisions. If our captain and his savings are not beating inflation family is sure to lose.
4. Why teams like Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan could not reach quarterfinals, because they lacked good coaches, so they lacked good information required to make good planning against opponent team key players. Similarly without a qualified Financial Planner, you may not have right information to take right decisions, which lead to achievement of your goals.
5. West Indies was a weak team, lost to Scotland at the start. Picked up their game as tournament progressed – some of their players like Gayle played extra ordinary game, reached the quarter finals, but failed there. Similarly when we have weak financial plan, sometime one asset class gives extra ordinary performance, we start feeling we will reach our goal, but that is only temporary gain. Or we waste our whole life looking for asset class which can triple my money every year. Finally we can’t reach our goals with weak planning. Financial planner brings discipline into our savings through periodic review.
6. India was not able to win the cup, but reached the Semi Finals. Having reached the Semi Finals was a big achievement for this team reason we were playing at foreign pitches. Best thing India did was they were not afraid of losing. They knew they need practice in Australia before WC, so they played long Test and One day series, tri series in Australia just before WC. India lost almost all Test and One day matches there, but as a result of not being afraid to learn about their weaknesses Indian bowlers were different when they started campaign for World Cup by thrashing their biggest rival i.e. Pakistan. Similarly we should not be afraid of learning about financial instruments and financial planning. “Failing to plan is actually Planning to fail”.
7. Australia won the world cup. Strongest team won. Home team won. Team had the best bowlers, best batsman who performed which ever role they had In the team. They had good coach, analyzed data related to opposite teams properly, practiced well on basis of that data, made changes in their game before hand based on their analysis and data wrt to every bowler and batsman of opposite teams. Similarly you can also win – winning means achievement of your personal/ family goals as decided by you from time to time. What is required is good decision making captain, knowledgeable coach, diversified portfolio, discipline and above all intent to win for your family.