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Health Insurance

about-usHealth Insurance / Mediclaim Insurance compensates us against hospitalization expenses and Medical bills. Now there are 26 companies operating in the market and every company has 3-4 products, how should I choose which product best suits me. For this you need to compare these products on the following parameters:

Sub Limits

Companies impose a capping on doctors fees, ICU charges, Room rent, Operation Theatre charges etc. There are some companies offering product without any Sub Limit or capping.

Day Care Procedures

Any treatment which earlier on used to take more than 24 hours hospitalization and now due to technological advancement is taking less than 24 hours hospitalization, is called day care procedure. Companies have list  varying from 35 to 200 such procedures. One company offers “All day care procedures covered”.

Life Time Renewal

It matters because no new company will give me insurance after 65/70 years, especially because I may have some pre existing ailment as well at that time.


Some companies increase premium upto 200% on claim, however, there are options of companies not imposing any Loading.

Maternity Benfit

Here company gives Delivery charges. There is always capping on this amount. Some companies offer it after 2 years/ 3 years. Those planning family during this time can check maternity benefits. Some companies also give coverage for New Born Baby/ First year Injections.


Coverage for New Born Baby/ First year Injections

Coverage for New Born Baby/ First year Injections: Some companies cover this.

2Year/ 4Year Exclusions

Must check this list as some companies cover everything after 90 days. Some companies cover 14-15 diseases after waiting for 2 years.

Pre Existing Diseases

Some companies cover after 2 years / 3 years/ 4 years. This is very critical and should be in writing at time of issuance of policy

Critical Illness Cover
Companies make lumpsum payment in case of detection of any one of the disease under the list. Catch is some companies pay only if person survives for 30 days after detection.

Top Up Plan
This is economical way of increasing the coverage. This is most suitable for people having insurance from office. Above that take insurance on your own. Catch is if you have 2 lac insurance from office and you take top up above 2 lac. Top up will trigger only in case of claims above 2 lac. If there are two claims of 2 lac and 2 lac in a year, top up will not pay you anything and you will end up paying 2 lac from own pocket.

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