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Car Insurance

It is obligatory to have our Car Insured otherwise we pay fine. Everybody knows purpose of car insurance is to get car repaired in case of an accident. But there are certain benefits other than getting car repaired, this knowledge can help a lot of families in case of need:

  1. Owner is Insured in 3rd party premium that we pay. For some families this claim of 50000/- or 100000/- is a very big amount.
  2. Passengers are also covered. We need to pay extra premium for this.
  3. 3rd party property is covered for Rs.750000/-. Meaning if we hit car and damage some property, insurance company will pay the claim. Hitting a standing car is also covered under this head.

There are certain add on benefits which can be purchased:

Depreciation Reimbursement

Under Insurance, customer is supposed to pay the depreciation. Right from day 1, there is 50% depreciation on all plastic parts including air bags. This clause leads to hefty payments by customer in case of a big claim. Now a days companies offer Depreciation reimbursement, wherein full claim is paid by insurance company and for this they charge some extra premium, which is worth paying.

Why Deal with us?

  • We deal with all companies, so we are not biased towards any one company.
  • We give you comparison across industry so you need not to check with different companies for quotes. We also check which companies are cashless with dealer.
  • We are there for you at time of claims.