mobile and stocks

Portfolio review made easy

Your Portfolio just laptop or mobile away. And above all it is LIVE, you need not to enter or delete MFs.


Online Investments and Redemptions

Access from anywhere in the world through Internet or Phone.


Statement of Industry wise exposure

Complete breakup of industry wise and company wise exposure in your complete portfolio.


Statement of Profit and Loss

Instant P&L statement generation from your ID.


Instant statement generation

You can generate and print statement as per your need & convenience.


Array of financial Products

As per your need you can invest in Mutual Funds, Shares, PMS, NCDs, IPOs, FDs, Bonds available online.


View complete Family portfolio under one screen

One person can review portfolio of entire family husband, wife, parents, children at one place.


Specialized products

Specialized products not otherwise available through manual mode. These products help in rebalancing your portfolio among debt and equity, as per ratio fixed by you (10 options available from 0% equity/debt to 100% equity/debt).