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Life Insurance

Life Insurance plays a major role in your Financial Planning in Early part (25 to 40 years) and Middle years of your life(41 to 55 years). It gives security to our dreams if something happens to bread earner.

The very basic question which comes here is, How much Insurance do I need? In Insurance terminology it is called Human Live Value. How to check your value? There are some thumb rules, it can be Current Annual Income X 10. Suppose annual income of a person is 10 lac, then Insurance should be 10 lac X 10=1 crore minimum. There are some other formula as well but for that we need to sit together.
Types of Insurance Plans:

Term Plan

It is easiest way to secure future of your family. This is like car insurance, if something happens to you, your family will get bulk amount. There is no maturity at the end.

Traditional Plans

LIC is the leader in this product, because they have product to suit every individuals needs. This product is a more comprehensive Insurance as it covers –

  • Life Insurance.
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Permanent Disability

ULIP Plans

These products provide combination of Life Insurance and Investment. Investment being into Debt or equity

Why Invest through Us?

  • We are specially trained from IOE, Mumbai (LIC Training Institute at Mumbai.)
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  • The way we explain products in minute detail, it has helped a lot of our customers. Not many people in outside world are aware of full benefits available under their policies.
  • We can get you better returns in LIC products.
  • We suggest products/ solutions as per your life goals.
  • We provide detailed computer generated Illustrations.