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Our Fee Structure

Our Fee Structure:

Benefits Financial Planning Portfolio Management
1. Individual Need Analysis with our Financial Planner: (Herein, we understand your family structure, your liabilities, number of dependents, risk appetite, risk tolerance) To manage your portfolio as per your risk appetite and life stage/ Goals.
2. Develop a Customized Financial Plan ( We help you in deciding your goals of life, check your existing preparation for their achievement and devise a financial plan with full clarity of purpose. We give figures to your thoughts and future achievement dates to your goals).
3. Review Financial Plan Half Yearly with us (You must agree that we can’t reach our destination without checking time and again while on the way, whether we are on right road or not.)
4. Continuous education program through videos/ emails/ seminars for life time.
Fees One Time Rs.20000/- only 1. 2% annually for equity Funds Management.
2.       Debt: NIL